Madi Lee {high school senior photography}

September 15 and 27, 2013

Meet Madi! I am so happy that Madi decided to join my Senior Rep Program.  Madi is currently a Junior at Bowie High School and will graduate in 2015 so she and I will get to work together for 2 years!

We did a session at my studio then we met at Butler Park for her second session.  Butler Park happens to be one of Madi’s favorite places to hang out with her friends.  I’m so glad I get to work with this great young lady.



Until next time,

xoxo Anna

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Gabriella’s Crown {family photography}

August 13, 2013

It isn’t often that I take out the “big” camera and aim it at this little girlie girl anymore.  Like most 2 year olds, she does not like to sit still and it is just easier to get images of her with my iPhone.  Don’t get me wrong, I take pictures of her EVERYDAY.  Today I was determined to get some shots of her with one of the “crowns” we brought her from our weekend get-a-way to San Antonio….it was too much to ask to get shots of both the crowns so I settled for just this one.  I took her over to the kitchen and with the light from the sliding door, I was able to get a few quick shots in….but only because I let her look at the back of the camera after she heard it CLICK!  I love this little girl and I love being able to get some great images of her!

Until next time,

xoxo Anna

San Antonio Beauty {nature and landscape photography}

August 11, 2013

About mid week last week, I decided that we needed to get away for just a little bit.  We decided on a short trip to San Antonio and we did not leave home until mid-day Saturday.  My biggest packing issue was whether or not to take my camera….well, I don’t like leaving my camera at home so I packed it all up and figured it was better to have it and not take any pictures than to not have it and regret not having it when I found something interesting to shoot.  I did not get it out until we were ready to head downstairs for breakfast this morning and figured I’d venture out before the temperatures hit the 3 digit mark.  Needless to say, just in the area around the Homewood Suites which is a Hilton Hotel, there were many beauties to capture.  Here are a few of my favorite shots.


Until next time,

xoxo Anna

Dawn - Gorgeous photos Anna! The colors are beautiful!

Admin - Thanks Dawn! That means a lot coming from you! Xoxo

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