Week 2-Something Cold-Project 52

Something Cold



This week’s theme is very fitting since last night was the coldest night I’ve ever experienced.  Driving into my garage this morning I realized that I have been admiring this tree for a few weeks now….as it drops its last leaves.  Before long, they will be gone so I braved the cold and snapped a few shots of it.  It is just lovely.










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xoxo Anna

Week 1-Project 52

For several years in a row, I did a project 365.  Each week I would get up early on Saturday and create a digital scrapbook page for the weekly pictures.  At the end of each year I had a book printed of all may layouts.  As you can well imagine, that got to be a task and 2013 was the year to take a break.  I am now rested and ready to begin the year with a new picture a week project.  I have a friend that has a website for anyone interested in joining in.  He provides the weekly theme and the website for posting purposes.  Please consider joining in if you are interested in the 52 Photo Project.

Here is my 1st post!

Week 1-Something NewSince 1993 I have been collecting the Holiday Barbie doll and ornament. I say it’s for my daughter, now my granddaughter, but truth be told, they are MINE!!  Hallmark lost the contract with Mattel for the 2013 ornament so I had to search and search and finally ended up ordering it online.  I now have 25 dolls that have never been opened and 25 ornaments that are nicely kept in their original boxes and wrappings.  The ornaments only come out at Christmas and have their very own PINK tree now.








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xoxo Anna

Briceño Family {family photography}

Here is another prior life connection.  I met Brandon when I was first a principal at my last school.  I got to know his family well and have watched as his sisters started school….well at least 2 of his sisters!  I love Florence and all that she stands for when it comes to family and her religious beliefs.  Thank you Florence for allowing me the pleasure of taking these images of your beautiful family!!

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xoxo Anna

Florence - Thank you for capturing my beautiful children. Love you!!

Admin - Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of doing this!! Love you lots! xoxo

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