Wedding Photography is Not For Me

I helped shoot my first wedding last night and was pretty excited to get home and download 5- 8 gig cards.  I was so thankful that I was not the official wedding photographer because there are very few pictures that I will show anyone!!  Now I know why wedding photographers need to be scheduled well in advance….note to self, get Sonya’s photographer as soon as she gives me a date!  There is so my pre-planning that should have gone into this shoot, a schedule to be created and followed, an assistant to pay to arrange all those little things and get things and people out of the way of the shot, oh and so much more.  The venue was beautiful and the bride even more so, but the lighting, as it is at any indoor wedding, was not optimal.  Most of my pictures have a yellow tone to them which I’ll have to work on in PS and if you don’t know the right settings there is so much motion blur.

I’m thankful that there was an official photographer for most of the wedding and that there was another friend shooting with me.  I’m also thankful that I had time to dance with Neal, Sonya, and Gabi…that was the best.  And of course, watching my dear friend come down those stairs in her beautiful dress, all radiant and just drop dead gorgeous, was priceless… to some editing.

Until next time,

xoxo Anna

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